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Fire Pit Kits

(Note: Glass is available for fire pits)

Kiva Set (KV7-B)

 Cannonball Set (CB14-B)

 Stone Set (ST16-B)

Dragon (DW-3)

Driftwood Table-Top Set (DW8)

24" Driftwood Firepit (24FPK-DW-B)

30" Driftwood Firepit (30FPK-DW-B)

36" Driftwood Firepit (36FPK-DW-B)

42" Driftwood Firepit (42FPK-DW-B)

48" Driftwood Firepit (48 FPK-DW-B)

 24" Firepit (24FPK-B)

30" Firepit (30FPK-B)

 36" Firepit (36FPK-B)

 42" Firepit (42FPK-B)

 48" Firepit (48FPK-B)

Las Calaveras - Skull Fire Pit

Grate for 24" and 30" Fire Pits (24FP-G)

Grate for 36" and 42" Fire Pits (30FP-G)

Burner for 24" Firepit (FPB-24)

Burner for 30" Firepit (FPB-30)

Burner for 36" Firepit (FPB-36)

Burner for 42" Firepit (FPB-42)

Burner for 48" Firepit (FPB-48)

SS Firepit Burner Intersection

SS Firepit Burner End

Lava Granules - 5lb bag (LAVA5)

Lava Granules

X-Burner kit 
(for table top - includes valve, regulator, and connectors)
 Straight Burner kit
(for table top - includes valve, regulator, and connectors)
Straight Burner with built-in air mixer
(Base plate is 27" x 4")
X-Burner with built-in air mixer
(Base plate has a 16" Dia.) 
LP tank regulator w/ 4' hose
(custom lengths available)

Gas Valve with mounting bracket and control knob

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