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Gas Log Sets

Note: Regarding the SKU, the "B" stands for "burn" 
and represents and complete log set (hearth kit + log set). 
If you do not want the hearth kit, and do want the logs only, 
simply remove the "-B" from the SKU. 

15" Country Oak DLX (15COD-B)

18" Country Oak DLX (18COD-B)

24" Country Oak DLX (24COD-B)

30" Country Oak DLX (30COD-B)

36" Country Oak DLX (36COD-B)

18" Driftwood (18DW5-B)

24" Driftwood (24DW6-B)

30" Driftwood (30DW5-B)

36" Driftwood (36DW6-B)

15" Country Split Weathered (15CS4-BW)

 18"Weathered (18COD-BW)

 24"Weathered (24COD-BW)

 30"Weathered (30COD-BW)

 36"Weathered (36COD-BW)

18" Split (18CS6-B)

24" Split (24CS7-B)

 30" Split (30CS8-B)

 15" Country Oak (15CO4-B)

 24" Country Oak (24CO6-B)

 30" Country Oak (30CO7-B)

 18" Country Oak (16CO6-B)

15" Sierra Birch (15SR5-B)

 18" Sierra Birch (18SR5-B)

 24" Sierra Birch (24SR6-B)

 30" Sierra Birch (30SR7-B)

36" Sierra Birch (36SR9-B)

18" Blazed (18BZ7-B)

 24" Blazed (24BZ8-B)

 30" Blazed (30BZ9-B)

48" Massive Oak (48MO10-B)

Kiva Primitive

For your convenience, you can watch additional burn videos by clicking on the links below. You can see all of the styles of each size, or inversely, all of the sizes of each style. You can also see some alternatives to traditional gas log sets such as cannonballs, stones, glass, etc.